Mortgages for Stressed Clients

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Michelle Ling, mortgage broker

The vast majority of customers for mortgages are first time buyers, existing homeowners who want to upgrade to a new home or move, or existing home owners who want to buy an investment property. For mortgage brokers in Rangiora click this link. These buyers are generally fairly straightforward – around 60% of them deal directly with their bank for their mortgage and around 40% use a mortgage broker.

These clients will generally be accepted by the banks if they meet certain criteria that are pretty well publicized, around their combined annual income, the amount they want to borrow, the deposit that they have for the new house and their credit rating. With a client misses out on getting a mortgage then it will almost always be because of one or more of these four factors.

Some clients run into financial difficulties which can impact on their ability to make mortgage repayments, and this can be very dangerous financially for them because it may mean that they lose their house. Thanks a fairly hard-nosed about customers who get into arrears, and if the arrears have been for more than 3 months in the customer’s credit rating is damaged to the point that no Bank will want to do business with them.

There are mortgage brokers who will try to assist these customers, but because the circumstances can be rather dire then the cure that the mortgage broker proposes could seem very severe to the customer. Sometimes losing their house is an easier solution than alternative cures.

This situation often occurs during marital separation, when the parties are not talking to each other and not thinking clearly, and don’t take care of the mortgage repayments and other debts that are growing. This can be an unplanned tragedy that comes on top of the marital separation, particularly if the grieved party did not know that the other party was not looking after the mortgage repayments as they normally do.

This can be a difficult situation for a mortgage broker to sort out, but specialist brokers can also have specialist lenders on their books who are prepared to step on to help these types of customers, but obviously expecting a much higher interest rate in return. These specialist lenders are generally high net worth individuals who are prepared to take on added risk for increased return, and who also prepared to roll up their sleeves and get heavily involved in the deal. Visit this website for Te Awamutu mortgage brokers. They can for example offer to purchase the property of the homeowner and then rent it out to them temporarily while the homeowner sorts out their financial situation.

Struggling Mortgage Brokers and Why We Love Them

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In all industry sectors there are successful individuals and less successful individuals, and this is certainly so for the mortgage broking sector. The mortgage broking business is pretty well unique, as a large percentage of the brokers’ time in arranging finance for customers can go to waste because the customer simply does not complete the transaction for various reasons. Brokers not only need to allow for the fact in their financial planning that up to 70% of their work can fail, but they also need to allow for the delayed payment of the commission which is only made once the customer uplifts the loan. Brokers can easily wait 2 to 3 months for this to happen.

Jocelyn Laramie, mortgage broker at

In a tightening housing market everybody involved starts to suffer, including the real estate industry and the mortgage broking industry. Obviously there are successful individuals that will always do well, simply because they are either work harder or smarter or both. In the mortgage broking sector there are a small number of large companies that totally dominate the market, particularly the Internet search market. These companies have a multi-million dollar marketing budget, and a large chunk of this will go towards making absolutely certain that their website ranks in the top 3 for all the major mortgage brokers search terms.

The advantage for these large companies is that they can capture 30% or more of the web search market, and so even in a significant downturn they will still have customers pounding on their door wanting service. These broking companies need to have specialist admin staff to pre-screen or callers so that only the most straightforward customers are passed through to the mortgage brokers.

All the other mortgage brokers who are not ranked in the top 3 four major Google search terms are left with the crumbs under the table in terms of market share, and they will all need alternative marketing strategies to make certain they have a continual inflow of new business. If you’re interested in mortgage brokers Wellington click here. These mortgage brokers will generally find it more difficult during a downturn, and will need to have careful cash flow management strategies to make sure that they get through any downturn unscathed.

Those brokers need to be careful that they don’t make mistakes and spend money unnecessarily to generate new business. They may be well aware that their website is attracting virtually no new business, but it would be a big mistake for them to invest in web development and specialist SEO, as it is almost impossible for them to break into the top 3 Google search rankings, which are the only rankings that matter. Web developers and specialist SEO companies can make a killing providing expensive solutions for companies that really have no hope of achieving what they really want.

Mortgage Broking as a Business

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Mortgage broking can be a very lucrative business, provided the broker is getting enough new clients through the door and the value of the loans is high enough. For example, if a broker is successfully processing 10 clients per month and the average mortgage is $300k, then the broker’s monthly income will be $19,500, or $234,000 p/a. The actual time spent processing each mortgage will be as little as 2 hours if there is no travel involved for the broker, and in this case the equivalent hourly rate is $1000 per hour.

Carolyn Flores, mortgage broker at

The reality is that not all mortgage brokers are doing anything like this volume business, but there still are many that are achieving this and they are becoming very wealthy. For new brokers entering the industry they need to choose whether to stay independent or whether to join a larger broking firm.

The advantage of joining a large broking firm, if it can be arranged, is that the firm will provide the broker with a regular supply of new clients, and generally these clients will be pre-screened in order to weed out the less profitable clients and the more difficult cases. For the broker this obviously means a steady supply of work, but there may not be many interesting challenges in the work and it will seem repetitive, plus they will need to pay a sizable percentage of their commission to the broking firm. For more information about mortgage brokers Whakatane click here. Also mortgage broking firms tend to tie up their brokers in tight contracts that basically prevent them from leaving the firm and setting up business in opposition.

A new broker setting up business on their own or with one or two others will need to make certain that they have a ready supply of new clients, and this can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks. The clients they get will generally have more challenges included and the work will be interesting, and a key benefit will be that they get to keep all of the commission, but they may find it very difficult to gain the number of new clients they need. For independent brokers this can mean being very proactive buy networking with the real estate community, developers, property investor groups and at home shows for example. It can be a lot of hard work but if they can set up a steady supply of new clients in the work will be very worthwhile.

One avenue of new clients that is generally not available is those clients resulting from Internet searches, as this market is totally dominated by a small handful of large mortgage broking firms who are ranked in the top three for the major mortgage broker search terms. This is a sad fact of life for most small and independent mortgage broking firms, and is made even more difficult to accept once they understand that for the high ranking companies the leads are coming thick and fast.

Mortgage Broking in the Fishing Industry

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New Zealand has a relatively large fishing fleet the size by population, and fisherman are always upgrading their boat or fleet, upgrading equipment for entering or leaving the industry. In almost every case the fisherman or fishing company will require specialist finance to make their purchase.

Nicole Gray, professional mortgage broker

The fishing industry in New Zealand is highly regulated, and this means that the fishing boats all need to be fully equipped with the proper safety equipment and the correct fishing equipment, and this does not come cheap. All but the very cheapest of boats will cost at least $500,000, and a large proportion of the New Zealand fleet is worth well over $2,000,000.

Fisherman and fishing companies will need a good relationship with their bank, and this may extend to obtaining mortgages for purchasing new boats and equipment. However there is still a strong need for specialist mortgage brokers who understand the ins and outs of the fishing industry even to make sure that their clients get the best deal on the market or are properly advised. Visit this link for mortgage brokers Wellington.

The fishing business is quite complicated, as there can be long gaps between catches, and their revenue can come in very short intense bursts. The business requires careful cash flow management, and an efficient company needs a good accountant and a compliant bank to make sure the financing of their day-to-day operations proceeds trouble-free.

The mortgage broker task can be quite complex, as they need to make certain that any purchase the fisherman makes is sensible business, and hence they will need to be able to provide a very good business plan and balance sheet supporting any application for a mortgage. An accompanying vital requirement for a mortgage in the fishing industry is the appropriate insurance supporting the lending, and a good mortgage broking firm will also have and insurance broking arm to provide this service.

Many fishing businesses are seasonal, especially during mid winter when it may not be practical to go out as often as in summer. Also the fish stocks themselves can move in and out of the fishing zones, and so the business model for the fisherman needs to be able to cope with sometimes fairly extreme seasonality. The mortgage broker will need to be able to weigh all the risks up including the seasonality and the very high operational costs associated with a fishing boat especially relating to fuel. This is a complex business and only experienced and committed mortgage brokers succeed. Go to for more details.

Tree Care in Dunedin

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Home owners and land owners in Dunedin who require some sort of tree care or removal will in most cases simply Google arborist Dunedin. They may not fully understand what an arborist actually does, but they will have heard that they tend to take care of tree problems.

This can be a significant understatement, as the arborist industry is fully professional and heavily regulated from a safety and practices point of view. Almost all the work that arborists do has a significant element of danger, unfortunately most landowners recognise this and hence call in the professionals rather than try and do the work themselves. One only has to apply for a job in the industry to discover just how difficult the work is, and how much training and experience is required and in particular how supremely fit one needs to be.

The work is largely operating with a chainsaw, which is an extremely dangerous machine if not handled correctly. Chainsaw injuries can be absolutely horrific. The chainsaw is also heavily, and requires considerable strength and agility when being used on the ground, and requires even more strength and even more agility when being used up off the ground hanging from a safety harness. The skilled practitioner more deeply understand how to operate a chainsaw safely, and how to be most effective in all aspects of their work. The industry is highly competitive, and it is vital for any business that the work is carried out as efficiently and safely as possible. Indeed, the most profitable and successful businesses tend to have the most highly skilled and trained staff, and watching these skilled operators in operation can be enthralling.

Arborists generally work in small and very tight teams, with each person play a vital role. This is the same all over the country and Dunedin is no exception. There are always only to change for operators on site, as each can watch out for the other and be certain that the other is watching out for them. Also on site at the same time can be a heavy digger operator with a grabber and place of the bucket, and his role will be to grab the trees before they felt and to guide them so they fall safely and correctly, and then to move the logs and the branches enter suitable piles for later disposal. It can be amazing to the casual observer the Shears speed that a small team of two chainsaw operators and gravel operator can work and felling and disposing of a Grove of trees.

Once the chainsaw operators have felled all the trees and have lopped off the branches and cut the logs into manageable sections then the grabber operator becomes the most important person on the team once they bring in the wood chipper. In most cases when clearing trees a wood chipper is used to turn all of the branches and most of the logs until wood chips that ultimately get sold for mulch and Gardens. The wood chipper is a seriously scary machine, and the operator stands at least 20 metres away while the grabber operator feeds the branches and tree trunks in.

Developing A New Residential Subdivision

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Most new residential subdivisions pop up on rural land that is around the perimeter of most cities and towns in New Zealand. However some new subdivisions pop up inside the city boundaries,  and Neighbours can get quite a surprise to discover that they are going to have a new subdivision over the back fence, we’re previously they may have had an old factory or industrial plant or even a Grove of trees on a piece of wasteland. In either case the neighbours May wake up one morning to discover that the buildings have been cleared all the trees have been chopped down and removed and all of a sudden they can find themselves looking at Neighbours they never knew they had across the other side of the property.

For the developer the residential subdivision on an existing city lot can be quite complex, as compared to a subdivision on a piece of rural land which can be described largely as a Greenfields development. The inner city lot may have problems with the soil from contamination, it is almost certainly going to have Neighbours that I quite likely to object I’m suddenly having a whole lot of new houses over the back fence, and they will have to work with the council to make sure they can get the services into the subdivision. If I generally councils are very cooperative for these types of developers, because all City councils want to see new houses being built in their patch,  as that means new growth, new income from rates,  and Less likelihood that they will be out of a job down the track.

However the counselors still going to sit most of the main requirements for the subdivision, and typically this will include how to prepare the subdivision if it lies in a potential floodplain, and how to deal with the soil if there’s any contamination or problems. In some cases there may even be a main sewerage or drainage line running through the subdivision, and this may even constrain the layout for roads in a subdivision.

The developer have had to purchase the property, and unless they were very high net worth and had the cash on hand they will look had to raise  a large loan, and this will probably cover the development of the land as well up to the point that customers can actually start purchasing it. In this case for the developer time is equivalent to cost, in the longer it takes for them to get consents for the work then the longer it will take before the developer can actually start the work and eventually get a profit. In the meantime the developer must make monthly payments on the loans,  stand for the developer  time can be very expensive. They are going to want to have a very good planner who is capable of working closely with the city council so that all the consenting issues are discovered and addressed as quickly as possible.