Tree Care in Dunedin

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Home owners and land owners in Dunedin who require some sort of tree care or removal will in most cases simply Google arborist Dunedin. They may not fully understand what an arborist actually does, but they will have heard that they tend to take care of tree problems.

This can be a significant understatement, as the arborist industry is fully professional and heavily regulated from a safety and practices point of view. Almost all the work that arborists do has a significant element of danger, unfortunately most landowners recognise this and hence call in the professionals rather than try and do the work themselves. One only has to apply for a job in the industry to discover just how difficult the work is, and how much training and experience is required and in particular how supremely fit one needs to be.

The work is largely operating with a chainsaw, which is an extremely dangerous machine if not handled correctly. Chainsaw injuries can be absolutely horrific. The chainsaw is also heavily, and requires considerable strength and agility when being used on the ground, and requires even more strength and even more agility when being used up off the ground hanging from a safety harness. The skilled practitioner more deeply understand how to operate a chainsaw safely, and how to be most effective in all aspects of their work. The industry is highly competitive, and it is vital for any business that the work is carried out as efficiently and safely as possible. Indeed, the most profitable and successful businesses tend to have the most highly skilled and trained staff, and watching these skilled operators in operation can be enthralling.

Arborists generally work in small and very tight teams, with each person play a vital role. This is the same all over the country and Dunedin is no exception. There are always only to change for operators on site, as each can watch out for the other and be certain that the other is watching out for them. Also on site at the same time can be a heavy digger operator with a grabber and place of the bucket, and his role will be to grab the trees before they felt and to guide them so they fall safely and correctly, and then to move the logs and the branches enter suitable piles for later disposal. It can be amazing to the casual observer the Shears speed that a small team of two chainsaw operators and gravel operator can work and felling and disposing of a Grove of trees.

Once the chainsaw operators have felled all the trees and have lopped off the branches and cut the logs into manageable sections then the grabber operator becomes the most important person on the team once they bring in the wood chipper. In most cases when clearing trees a wood chipper is used to turn all of the branches and most of the logs until wood chips that ultimately get sold for mulch and Gardens. The wood chipper is a seriously scary machine, and the operator stands at least 20 metres away while the grabber operator feeds the branches and tree trunks in.

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